The Princes’ Islands

In July 2017 we went to the Balkans. A layover in Istanbul is always an excellent opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful capital of Turkey. For us this was not the first visit to the shores of the Bosphorus and it seemed there we would not be surprised by anything. But that time we were.

One morning we decided to take a ride on a ferry that connects the European and Asian shores of Istanbul. This type of public transportation always delights tourists. We came to Eminönü pier closest to our accommodation. This name refers to both the pier and the area adjacent to the Golden Horn Bay. “Eminönü” in Turkish means “in front of the justice.” “Emin” – justice, “önü” – in front of. The name probably came from Ottoman court proceedings and customs at the port — “emin” was usually a customs officer in the Ottoman Empire.

Ferry in Instanbul

So we went to the Eminönü waterfront. Ferry docks in Istanbul, as a rule, have several moorings. You should carefully read the ferry timetable: from which pier, where and when the specific departure will take place. Our self-confidence played a joke with us. We saw a pretty dense crowd near the turnstiles and followed it. The name Adalar was on the board of the moorage but it did not bother us. When the ferry set sail we, just in case, googled Adalar and were surprised to find that the ultimate destination of our voyage was the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara. Since our trip was exclusively entertaining we decided not to leave the ferry at intermediate stops and sailed safely to Adalar.

One of the Princes’ Islands

Princes’ Islands is a zone of resort beaches and beautiful villas. Here you can sail for a few hours, as we did, or stay for a week – to relax, sunbathe, swim and breathe exclusively fresh air.

Trees on a hill

In Adalar you can find everything that a tourist may need: restaurants and cafes, shops, all kinds of accommodation options and offices of travel companies.

On the islands there are almost no cars. Residents and tourists use scooters, bicycles and horse-drawn carts. So the concept of “clean air” is not just formal words here.