Legendary Troy, Turkey

The easiest way to get to Troy is by a local bus from Turkish city Chanakkale. The bus brings tourists to the entrance to the archaeological zone located next to village Tevfikiye. The site looks completely different from what you saw in various books and movies. The land is very dry. The sea is five kilometers away from the hill. You won’t notice the hill right away – everything is cut by excavations.

The museum is organized well. Right after entering you see a huge Trojan Horse. You can get into it and take pictures. Also a photographer invites you to wear armor and try yourself in image of an ancient hero.

At each excavated area you can see the information what exactly do you see. Also the stands depict the reconstruction of buildings – this helps to better imagine the city of that era. Everywhere there are pointers. Walk around Troy and enjoy. Remember that Turkish summer requires a constant supply of drinking water.

In short, thanks to Schliemann for believing in his dream and finding this place.