My top cities to live as a Digital Nomad

I’ve been a Digital Nomad / Tech Entrepreneur / Guy who works from home type of person since 2016. I like this life style. It has its downside. But for the most part is is great. I’ve visited almost 30 countries in the last 3 years while living a DN lifestyle. I’ve met many other DNs who lead a similar lifestyle. They all have preferences in terms of what you consider as ideal place to live and work.

For me as a DN the most important factors I consider are:

  • Weather
  • Cost of living
  • Access to nature
  • High speed (reliable) Internet
  • Safety

Keeping this in mind I categorized the cities into 3 tiers. Top tier, Middle and Bottom tiers (with 3 cities in each bucket based on the above criteria)

Top Tier

  1. Medellin, Colombia
  2. Kyiv, Ukraine
  3. Berlin, Germany

Middle tier

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  2. Kyoto, Japan
  3. Algarve coast, Portugal

Bottom Tier

  1. Montreal, Canada
  2. Granada, Spain
  3. Prague, Czech Republic