How to renew your 90 day Colombian visa?

Colombian Visa stamp

When my 3 month / 90 day visa cutoff date was around the corner I was debating how to renew my visa so I can continue to stay for another 3 months in Colombia. I had two options – one is to go to the local migracion office and another is to leave the country and come back.

Colombian Visa stamp

If you want to do it online go to the official Colombian Migracion website. Be remember to start the application a week before just to make sure you have enough time to get your application processed. In case if you are not sure when your visa is up for renewal use this calendar.

If you are more of an adventurous type like me then you will leave the country and re-enter and get a new stamp in your passport. In my case I took the word adventure to the extreme. I was planing a trip to Capurgana / Supzurro. I thought it would be good to piggyback on this trip and cross over to Panama on a day trip and come back and get a stamp in Capurgana. It is worthwhile to note that I left to Ecuador the prior year when i was in the same situation to renew my Colombian visa.

You can take a local boat that leaves to Puerto Obaldia across the Panama border. First you need to get your exit stamp on your passport from the Colombian Migracion office in Capurgana. The office is located near the ferry port. Once you have the stamp you can arrange for the boat trip. It leaves early in the morning around 8.

I advice you not to take anything except for a small bag, passport, water, snacks, phone, charger, sandals to wear and a book. Don’t eat too much before the trip since the boat ride is almost like being in a roller-coaster (see what I mean by adventurous trip). You will continue to get splashed with salt water on your face. By the time you get there you will be feel like you took a bath. So bring a plastic bag to protect your belongings and yourself.

Once you get to the Panamanian side don’t assume you can get a stamp on the same day and come back to Capurgana. It is almost impossible. I made a bad call. Prepare to spend a night in Panama and come back the next day. When you come back you need to arrange another boat. Again get ready for a rough ride.

When you get back to Capurgana be sure to visit the migracion office where they will give you an re-entry stamp after checking the validity of your visa dates.