Where are the best bike rides in the world?

Biking in Dingle, Ireland

Bike riding is one of my favorite activities in my life. Wherever I travel I try to find opportunities to hike and bike. It is the best way to discover a new place. It provides a great opportunity to connect with nature and people.

When I was living in New York I used to commute to work every day on my Citi Bike. This ride is not enjoyable. Every day you are fighting traffic congestion, bike messengers coming at you from different directions, pedestrians, transport vehicles and not to mention pollution from vehicles.

I present a few bike trips that made my travel more memorable.

1. Ireland

Dingle peninsula – 45 kms (5 hours)

Dingle is located in the south west part of Ireland near the Killarney region. The bike ride is filled with breathtaking views of North Atlantic ocean and dramatic mountain cliffs and valleys. Be ready for some steep uphill biking.

Along the ride you will pass by a archeologic center where you can check out Dinosaur eggs and other artifacts. Also on this ride you will come across signs about Star Wars as the film was shot in various part along the route.

Bike the dingle peninsula
Beaches along the bike path

2. Ecuador (6-7 hours)

Banos Ruta de las cascadas – 61 kms

I wrote a separate blog post discussing the bike ride I did in Banos.

Bike along the valley in Banos, Ecuador and dazzled by its natural beauty
Bike along the valley in Banos, Ecuador and dazzled by its natural beauty

3. Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Inla Lake – 12 kms (3 hours)

Inle lake, an UNESCO heritage place is a serene lakeside town located in a valley surrounded by Shan hills. On your ride you will pass by rice paddies, aqua culture, tribal villages, people living in stilt houses and pagodas. The best way to plan the ride is to start on the right side of the bank and then go all the way upto center of the lake and cross the lake by boat.

Stilt houses of Inle Lake

You can witness the fishermen (Intha tribe people) using the one leg padding technique wrapping the other leg around the oar to fish. It is entertaining to watch this style of fishing.

Bike along Inle lake in Myanmar is relaxing
Bike along Inle lake in Myanmar is relaxing

After you cross the lake you can have a lunch meal and then bike along the right side of the bank back to the main town.

4. Germany

Berlin to Potsdam – 40 kms (5 hours)

Potsdam is famous for the post-WW2 conference where the three heads of Government of USSR, USA and UK met together to discuss how to divide Germany after the war.

If you are a history buff like me you will want to visit this place. But that’s not the only reason to go there. The ride from Berlin to Potsdam is great as almost the entire path is paved and cut across many parks. Berlin (along with Amsterdam and Copenhagen) are the most bike friendly cities in the world.

Bike ride is safe, easy and fun in Berlin, Germany
Bike ride is safe, easy and fun in Berlin, Germany

5. Canada

Île d’Orléans – 20 kms (4 hours)

If you want to cycle through wine vineyards, strawberry farms, art galleries, old 17th century architecture with the backdrop of the majestic St.Lawrence river you must go to Ile d’Orleans. You can try some excellent cheeses, croissants and grab some fresh berries along the way.

Biking in Ile d'Orleans, Quebec, Canada
Biking in Ile d’Orleans, Quebec, Canada

6. Netherlands

Keukenhof – 36 km (5-6 hours)

The best time to visit Keukenhof is during the early mid Spring season when the tulips are at the height of them bloom. Instead of going to the big flower garden near the bus station I recommend you to rent a bike and discover the different tulip fields. You can take photos and enjoy a warm sunny day riding the bike. Talk to the local gardeners and they will be happy to give you interesting information about tulip farming.

Colorful tulip fields of Keukenhof, Netherland
Colorful tulip fields of Keukenhof, Netherland