Budget way to get to islands in Thailand

The only island airport in Thailand is Koh Samui and direct flights to this destination are pretty expensive. There are some cheaper ways to get to many islands in Thailand. I personally used Nok Air package to go to Koh Lanta. It includes a flight, minivan and ferry boat transportation .

When you search for flights on Nok Air website you can choose one of Fly and Ferry options. For example if you select Koh Lanta you can see something like this:

My experience of using this package wasn’t completely smooth though. First, when I arrived to Krabi I didn’t have any checked-in luggage so I was at the exit from the airport very quickly after landing and couldn’t find any Nok Air personnel to assist in getting into the minivan. They appeared much later when the people with checked-in luggage started to come in.

Krabi Airport

After a short minivan ride we arrived to Hat Yao pier in Trang. There was a cafe where we had some drinks. The people were going to different destinations and the guide shouted loud about each new ferry going to depart. I didn’t hear how he announced my ferry to Koh Lanta and apparently missed it. When I asked about it they said “sorry, your ferry has gone and there will be no boats to Koh Lanta today”. Happily, Koh Lanta is connected to the mainland by bridge so they found a way to transfer me to the island by another minivan.

Hat Yao pier in Trang

Finally I got to Koh Lanta, grabbed a tuk-tuk and after a short drive to my accommodation had a chance to drink some bear at the beach restaurant.

Koh Lanta beach

Remembering my experience of getting lost on the way to Koh Lanta I was very attentive on the way back. This time everything was fine.

Leaving from Saladan Pier, Koh Lanta

I would recommend the Flight and Ferry option by Nok Air to adventurous backpackers who travel on budget. But be careful and don’t miss your ride or ferry.