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Digital Nomads (people who are location independent and work online) are quite different from seasoned travelers and backpackers. They tend to go for places with lower cost of living, lower pollution, strong internet connectivity and most importantly opportunity to connect with other digital nomads.

An average digital nomad spends a week or more in a destination city/country. He/she arrives not just to explore the city but intend to make the destination a temporary home base for a period of time.

Digital nomad population is growing strong. According to a recent study published by MBO Partners this nomad population is mainly comprised of both Creative professionals and IT nerds. One in six of these nomads earn more than USD 75,000 annually and women tends to dominate more than men in this group. Typical Digital nomad tend to be a blog writer, programmer, equity or a crypto trader, graphic designer, drop ship marketer, hacker etc etc.

Growth of Digital Nomad population in the U.S

More companies are open to allowing employees work remotely in a distributed workforce. Employees use various tools such as Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Slack to stay in close contact with the team members. I had a one year gig with Accorin where I was traveling and working remotely from different places. I was perfectly able to manage the needs of my client projects. I had home bases in many cities while working remotely – starting from Ischia to Upstate New York and then to Medellin, Cali, Santa Marta, Oaxaca, Cuenca, Ciudad de Mexico, Portland, Vancouver and Montreal. I’ve stayed atleast a month in each city.

It was during this period of my gig I learned how valuable is to find an accommodation that is suited to my digital nomad needs. It wasn’t the same type of travel that I did when I was traveling as a backpacker in my earlier days. I needed a reliable high speed internet connection, peaceful and tranquil work place, warm weather, good food and people to connect. I generally used Airbnb for most of my accommodation needs. But it wasn’t enough. Airbnb does not truly address the needs of a typical Digital nomad traveler. This was the catalyst for me to create my own platform – – that lists curated apartment accommodations suited for Digital Nomads. I want hosts to offer the best possible accommodation for the Digital Nomad population.

My platform offers commission-free listing for Hosts and low commission (from 4 to 8% depending on the length of the stay) to guests. The minimum rental period is one week. Hosts don’t have to frequently worry about finding new guests. Digital nomads for the most part are decent, responsible and serious travelers. They are not party animals. This reduces the possibility of any risks to the room or property.

In addition to offering accommodations Nomadic Stay intends to connect digital nomads with each other. Nomadic Stay platform also provides indepth information and basic stats about different cities around the world.

Some of the top cities where I’ve met Digital Nomads around the world

  1. Medellin, Colombia
  2. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  3. Canggu, Bali, indonesia
  4. Algarve, Portugal
  5. Prague, CZ

If you are a Digital nomad and are interested in trying out our platform please sign up for an account here. It won’t cost you anything. I would appreciate any feedback I can get from the Digital Nomad community.