Safest countries from Covid-19 virus

Mynamar covid free

As the rates of deaths from the contagious virus Coronovirus (Covid-19) continues to increase rapidly across the world, there are still a handful of countries that are relatively virus free.

Some of these countries may not be in the top of your list to visit but they are still safer from Covid-19 virus. Why? They haven’t had any visitors from infected countries yet. But that could change anytime in the near future,

Spread of Covid-19 virus
Source: Business Insider


Africa is the safest continent with relatively low penetration of Covid virus. So far only Egypt, Algeria and Morocco has a few cases but no deaths. Any countries in the center of the continent is still free of the epidemic virus.

South America

Venezuela, Bolivia – still no cases reported.

North America

Canada – No deaths have been reported but a few cases have been detected.

Coronavirus and travel


Turkey / Mynamar / Mongolia / Kazakhstan – No cases and no deaths so far, Russia / Ukraine – a few cases but no deaths,

New Zealand / Greenland

None reported so far. Very safe to visit.

If you are visiting a country and want to check the current situation of Covid-19 you can check out the city page on Nomadic stay site.

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