CoronaVirus and Strong Dollar

Strong Dollar Coronavirus

Most currencies around the world are making new lows against the strong dollar. Ironically as a Digital Nomad/traveler one cannot take advantage of the strong dollar situation because of Corona Virus and closure of borders.

Let’s review some of the top currencies that have been falling down against USD since the health crisis started a few weeks ago.

1 USD = 4150 COP

USD to Colombian Pesos

1 USD = 28 UAH

USD to Ukrainian Hyrvnia

1 USD = 80 Rubles

USD to Russian Rubles

1 USD = 75 INR

USD to Indian Rupees

1 USD = 24.2 MXN

USD to Mexican Pesos

1 USD = 1.45 CAD

Strong Dollar
USD to Canadian Dollars

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