Safest countries from Corona Virus

Corona Virus Travel

At the moment the Covid-19 virus is sweeping across the globe like wildfire leaving some tragedy along the way. Some countries are worst affected than others. U.S, Italy, Spain, China and France are on the top of the most affected countries from COVID-19 virus.

But there are still a few nations that are relatively immune to this disaster. Based on the data we collected from Johns Hopkins COVID-19 global cases database we came up with a list of countries that are low in the risk scale.

However these are not recommendations for travel (even if it is possible to get on a plane to get to these countries). But this is just a list to remember so when we eventually come out of the pandemic at some point in the future you can still travel to these exotic places. Also this data was compiled on March 29, 2020. Given that most of these countries in this below list have already closed their borders and partly in quarantine mode, they might come out safer than most developed countries.

CountryCasesNo of Deaths
Tanzania – Africa140
Myanmar (Burma) – Asia100
Laos – Asia80
Suriname – South America80
Seychelles – Africa80
Antigua and Barbados – Central America70
Nepal – Asia50
Fiji – Australasia50
Nicaragua – Central America41
Belize – Central America20