Great libraries to visit around the world

Praque Klementinum

I am a big fan of using public libraries for borrowing books, using conference rooms and high speed internet. Sometimes they host free educational events as well. Above all I like them for the beautiful architecture.

When I am traveling I try to visit the local libraries not only to access their free wifi but also to live like a local. I like checking out the local newspapers and connect with the locals. I’ve been to some nicest libraries during my travels. Here are the ones that stand out:

  1. Main branch library in New York, USA
  2. Seattle Public library, Seattle, USA
  3. State library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia
  4. Lello in Porto, Portugal (more like a bookstore)
  5. Bibliotecha EPM in Medellin, Colombia

But no library comes close to the Klementinum library in Prague, Czech Republic. It is my favorite library in the world.

Klementinum Library in Prague, Czech Republic

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There are other beautiful libraries around the world. You can check out a video to get a glimpse of them.