Best Places To Grow Your Digital Nomad Community

Location independent Digital Nomad

As we start to see more high skilled labor work from home/remotely/ we will see increasing number of countries changing their laws to attract these young immigrants to migrate to their countries.

Digital nomad needs coffee
Digital nomad needs coffee

The benefit of attracting these location dependent professionals is the potential creation of new companies/startups they can help create that can ultimately employ more local labor force.

So which countries are offering long term visas?

Countries offering long term visas for remote workers/Digital Nomads

  1. Georgia (starting July 31st) – 12 month visa
  2. Barbados (starting July 1st) – 12 month visa
  3. Estonia – 12 month Digital Nomad visa
  4. Ukraine passed a new long term visa for allowing more IT workers (but no start date yet) – 2 years
  5. Germany Freelance Freiberufler visa – Up to 3 years
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Spain Self-employment visa
  8. Mexico already has a 1 year visa for U.S/EU/Canadian citizens
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Portugal Passive Income visa