Fez and Chefchouen – the best Morocco has to offer

Fez Narrow streets

Fez and Chefchouen are the two iconic places in Morocco. With its narrow passageways, walled city gates, windy, cobbled streets, traditional architecture and limestone walls, Fez proves to be a truly authentic city in Morocco. You can literally get lost here in this great old city.

This old medina with its thousands of labyrinthine alleyways passage ways are so narrow that even the Google Maps won’t work here. GPS trackers will find it hard to pinpoint your location. It is certainly important to have a good sense of direction when you are inside those old city walls.

Find a nice Riad type of house and enjoy living like a rich local. One must be vigilant of the touts and tour guides that crowd the narrow alleys in Fez. If you ask for directions you are very likely to get an offer to reach your place for a fee. Just remember Fez has a few city gates and they close at midnight. These sandstone walls were constructed starting in the 11th century by various Arabic rulers during the Almohad dynasty.

The old city, Fez is also the largest car-free city in the world. So how do peopel get around? They use small size push carts and donkeys. Donkeys are the oldest form of transportation inside the old city. They carry anywhere from olives to household materials to garbage and humans.

Riad is a typical house in Fez which typically contains a courtyard and a garden. It is clean and elegant. If you go to Fez, Morocco there is a good chance you will stay in one of these houses.